Care Work: Present and Future

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The Future of Work Is the Future of Higher Education

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A second, more severe response is to view traditional higher education as an outdated remnant of the past and to focus instead on the expanding universe of micro credentials that are primarily online and significantly lower in cost than standard degrees. The various certificates, micro degrees and other assorted digital badges are far narrower in focus, either around specific skills or content objectives, and are designed to give a more granular view of learner competencies.

The pragmatic appeal of this approach, especially for employers, is somewhat offset by the reductionist view of each individual and potential employee as a simple collection of utilities.

Care Assistant Role

After all, we are seeking to hire human beings and not simply downloading software that performs a set of expected functions. For the time being, we still seek human intelligence rather than what currently passes as artificial intelligence. So where does this leave us? But there is cause for hope. Arguably, all of the parts of the solution are on the table; what is required is an integrative effort that goes beyond simplistic Band-Aids in the form of changing who seems to be in charge of what education should achieve.

Simply put, work must be more broadly defined with a straightforward recognition that it encompasses everything.

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We must put an end to the false dichotomy between what scholars and researchers do in academia and what the rest of society does for a career. The days of the gentleman scholar of significant financial means, who could pursue research without having to think about a paycheck, are long gone. Universities have made strides to make scholarship and research more inclusive, and the growing support for an appropriate work-life balance in academia mirrors improvements in other places of work.

Once we recognize that everything we do in the name of career or vocation that carries recompense is indeed work, we can let go of the counterproductive notion that academia and every other kind of work are disconnected, if not at odds with each other. When I went to graduate school in biology more than 20 years ago, many science departments taught in ways primarily designed to train the next generation of scientists. But over the past decade, quite a few departments, including my own, have recognized that most of our students will not go on to be scientists.

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And while we take special care to foster and, indeed, expand the relatively small numbers that do go on to graduate school in our fields, our courses increasingly recognize that understanding science and having the intellectual tools of the scientific method are critical for everyone, regardless of future occupation. Given the aging of the population and the increased life expectancy, a national strategy foreseeing care needs becomes imperative.

Although it is necessary to expand health care networks, the training of already existent human resources on all levels of care, which are capable of spreading the concept of PC across their workplaces of activity and perform palliative actions, would likely be a feasible alternative to alleviate the suffering of the population affected by progressive and incurable diseases after its evolution makes it irreversible.

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Palliative care in Brasil: present and future

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Population Health Insights

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Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future
Care Work: Present and Future Care Work: Present and Future

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