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And if she wanted to find the third manuscript for herself, why would she show the "lost page" to an entire freshman lit The protagonist: NOT the hero in Iowa, NOT particularly intelligent, NOT a feminist character.

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And if she wanted to find the third manuscript for herself, why would she show the "lost page" to an entire freshman lit class? Answer: She's a dumb broad who slept her way to the top. The Protocol: interesting idea, not well thought-out or well executed; there are too many contradictions. Yes, a bunch of students get together to act out scenes from their two favorite books. How, praytell, is that any more innately dangerous than civil war re-enactments or a ren faire? That period of history saw more brutal bloodshed than any other time on American soil, yet most people who re-enact battles do have the good sense to not use live ammunition and don't stab each other with bayonets.

Re-enacting books even murder mysteries is not dangerous. With as much hype as The Protocol was given in the fist three quarters of the book, especially with all the references to how dangerous it is, I expected something more, well, dangerous. And speaking of the protagonist, she states at one point that although she initially failed at playing The Protocol, she eventually became very good. I reiterate that she's an idiot, and I add that she's a complete tool. How many university classes meet for five weeks for only one hour per week? The Coil and The Golden Silence : The puzzles in them aside, they sound like boring, post-modern tripe.

Other than the fact that they were written by a serial killer who was hoping to be found and punished, the books are not interesting in themselves, and I fail to see why people would obsess over them. Paul Fallows: Interesting idea, better executed than the other interesting ideas in this book. The idea that the mother "turned" her son probably by abusing him into muteness and then committing him to a psych ward when he was 8 or 9 and then used him to carry on the family business of brutally murdering young women is very twisted.

However, the setup for their demise was not well executed and felt like a non sequiter.

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What is intriguing is that because we only have Lydia's word on the matter, we don't know how large a part she and Charlie played in the father's earlier murders, or if he did die of a blood clot after all. The glaring problem with all of this was that there were supposedly FIFTY volumes of encyclopedia of women that had been killed. Given that the m.

Dominance: A Novel Audiobook by Will Lavender

Richard Aldiss: A sociopath who gets off on watching other people suffer. Matthew Owen: I figured out that he was the killer as soon as he stated that he knew the members of the night class from the previous funeral of Daniel Hayden. The writing: Awkward and difficult to follow. Sample sentence: "It had been offered at night because this was the only viable time, the only hour when the warden would allow the murderer free to teach. My three-star rating: Because despite its flaws, it was interesting. I just wish that the author had done better work with his good ideas.

Jul 12, Tammy Dotts rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , mystery. In , nine English majors met for a night class at Jasper College. What made the night class special was its professor: Richard Aldiss, a convicted murderer. The nine students are given the task of discovering the identity of reclusive, renowned author Paul Fallows. One of their classmates was murdered in an eerie imitation of the crimes of which Al In , nine English majors met for a night class at Jasper College.

One of their classmates was murdered in an eerie imitation of the crimes of which Aldiss was accused. Dominance by Will Lavender keeps both timelines in the air smoothly by focusing on Alex Shipley.

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  8. The reputation from her student days lead the police and Jasper officials to ask her to help solve the current crime. How Lavender juggles the two stories, however, makes it a little more than that, requiring a little more from readers expecting a James-Patterson-esque mystery to leave behind on the airplane or forget after reading. Lavender cleverly avoids exposition traps by doling out information almost on a need-to-know basis. For example, the night class introduces the students to a game known as the Procedure.

    They refer to it in the present day setting as well. The rules of the game or how the students are involved remain unclear for a good while. Lavender explains it at exactly the right time, when readers are just about to give up caring about the game out of frustration.

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    The biggest problem with the game is its dependence on Fallows. The grieving widow, herself a former member of the class, appears on scene only to cry and serve as a brief red herring. Another classmate appears to serve only as a sexual diversion. Oddly, the minor character who does stand out is Daniel Hayden, one of the students. Hayden dies between and the current story, but his behavior in makes him someone Lavender should used as an example for how to create the remaining characters.

    Dominance by Will Lavender

    Dominance remains an entertaining and suspenseful read. Lavender builds tension, increasing the stakes as the novel progresses. Much like Aldiss points his students in the right direction or occasional wrong direction and leaves it to them to identify and answer the correct question, Dominance expects its readers to do the same. Not all answers readers come up with turn out to be correct.

    And the last pages of Dominance have the potential to cast the previous pages in a new light. A re-read promises a new experience. Dominance is an above-average summer read.

    Pages will turn quickly. This is a Reading Good Books review.

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    Like most of you, I enjoy a good mystery book. I love the challenge it posts in the beginning, the chase, the way it all unfolds in the end. My book-love started with those Nancy Drew Mysteries collections. As a kid, I ate all of it up. But after a while, it begins to look the same. Someone gets killed, there are clues left behind, the villain taunts the heroes, the villain gets caught.

    Over and over. And sometimes, it builds and builds only to an ending that is less than satisfying. This book breaks through all that. The book jumps right into it; setting up the premise that will last the whole book.

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    Our hero, Dr. This class was being taught by a jailed professor named Dr. Richard Adliss, convicted of brutally murdering 2 grad students. The crime scenes were littered with the books of the author Paul Fallows. Who is this elusive Paul Fallows? Richard Adliss then shows his class of 9 students how to answer that question.

    Dominance: A Novel Dominance: A Novel
    Dominance: A Novel Dominance: A Novel
    Dominance: A Novel Dominance: A Novel
    Dominance: A Novel Dominance: A Novel
    Dominance: A Novel Dominance: A Novel

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