Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)

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Selected Bibliography of Essays on Black Feminist Criticism
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New York: Knopf, Supplement I. Supplement II. The fourth edition and its supplements are abridged and updated by Raven I.

Dorothy Parker : a bio-bibliography

New York: Knopf, ; pp. M4 A detailed account of the development of American English and its divergence from British English. The multitude of examples are loosely organized in chapters on historical developments, influences on American English, its relationship with British English, pronunciation, spelling, the common speech, proper names, slang, and the future of American English. Supplement I updates chapters through the relationship with British English; Supplement II , from pronunciation through slang. Non-English dialects are briefly discussed in an appendix to the fourth edition.

Two indexes in each volume: words and phrases; persons, subjects, and titles. Stylistically entertaining but hardly impartial, full of errors, weak in organization, and emphasizing description and accumulation of examples rather than analysis, American Language has had a mixed reception. Reviews: supplements Raven I. Council of Learned Socs. John A. Garraty and Mark C. Supplement 1. Paul Betz and Carnes. Supplement 2. A68 Four indexes: biographees; contributors with a list of contributions ; state or country of birth; occupation or realm of renown. Supplement 2 ends with a cumulative, updated index of occupations or realms of renown classified under 17 topical areas.

The online version is updated quarterly with new biographies, illustrations, internal and external hyperlinks, and revisions to existing entries and bibliographies; unfortunately, the Web site does not identify revised articles. A 6 July e-mail communication from Carnes suggests that revisions will be limited to factual matters.

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Quick Search allows for a keyword search of full text. In Advanced Search, users can search by a combination of full-text keyword, name, realm of renown, occupation, birth date, death date, United States state of birth, country of birth outside the United States, and contributor; searches can be restricted to the text of an article or to a bibliography, to articles with illustrations or online resources, and by gender and update. Articles can be printed or e-mailed. Review: Edmund S. Allen Johnson and Dumas Malone.

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Corrected rpt. A corrected reprint of the original 20 volumes and the first 2 supplements, — The 19, entries encompass the eminent and the notorious, although the scope is less catholic than that of its model, the Dictionary of National Biography Ma. Written by established authorities, the sketches range from to 16, words in the original dictionary, but are limited to 5, words after the fourth supplement; combine factual information and interpretation based on extensive original research; and conclude with a short list of sources, which frequently locates unpublished materials.

With Supplement Five , much of the extensive family and other personal data are recorded only on forms stored in the DAB archives in the Library of Congress. Errata to the original 20 volumes are printed in vol. The Comprehensive Index indexes the corrected reprint and the supplements by biographees, contributors, birthplaces, schools and colleges, occupations, and topics. The history of the work is outlined in vol. Although there are errors and notable omissions especially of women, who account for only of the 13, entries in the original 20 volumes and although the American National Biography Online Q supersedes many entries, the DAB remains useful for its historical perspective and for the biographies of individuals not included in the ANB.

Reviews: Arthur M. Barbara Sicherman and Carol Hurd Green.

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Susan Ware. N57 A biographical dictionary of American and foreign-born residents who died before 31 December and who achieved more than local eminence or notoriety. The 2, entries, ranging from to 7, words, are based on extensive research and combine factual information with interpretation. Each entry concludes with a list of sources that typically locates manuscript and archival material. A classified list of occupations, avocations, groups, and interests concludes each Dictionary.

Although there are some notable omissions, Notable American Women is the most authoritative biographical dictionary of American women many of whom receive their first and only scholarly discussion here and a valuable source for literary scholars because of its inclusion of so many authors. Taryn Benbow-Pfalzgraf. Detroit: St.

James—Gale, Neither bibliography cites full publication information, however. Entrants in the second edition—as well as those in the first edition and its Supplement see below —are also indexed in Biography and Genealogy Master Index J The second edition updates some entries and adds a few new ones but for the most part merely reprints entries from the first edition ed.

Lina Mainiero and Langdon Lynne Faust, 4 vols.

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The essays vary considerably in quality with many full of errors and hardly penetrating in analysis. Once the most inclusive single guide to female writers in the United States, it is now useful only for those few writers not profiled in other biographical dictionaries.

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Marquis Biographies Online. Marquis, Updated daily. W The compact entries—largely compiled from information supplied by entrants—supply basic biographical, family, and career data; a list of significant publications and awards; and home or office address. Quick Search allows users to search by keyword or name. In Advanced Search, users can limit name or keyword searches by the city of mailing address, state or province of mailing address, zip or postal code, country outside the United States , occupation, company or organization, gender, birth year, birthplace, college or university, degrees, year of graduation, hobbies and special interests, political party, or religion; all of the preceding fields can also be searched separately.

For many entrants, however, American National Biography Online Q offers fuller, more accurate information.

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A History of American Magazines, [—]. Excludes newspapers and annuals but otherwise surveys a representative sample of magazines. Indexed in each volume by persons, titles, and subjects; however, the cumulative index in vol. Justly praised for its erudition and style, Mott is the monumental history of periodicals in the country. Center, A bibliography and union list of newspapers derived from the database being compiled by participants in the United States Newspaper Program and the National Digital Newspaper Program, which are attempting to catalog and eventually microfilm or digitize the more than , newspapers published in the United States and its territories.

Listed alphabetically by title, entries include publication information and exact holdings. Four indexes: date; subjects; geographic area; place of publication or printing. Entries can also be searched by title through WorldCat E , whose records are more current than the published version. The National Union List is especially useful for locating runs and identifying newspapers by locale. This work largely supersedes Winifred Gregory, ed. Chielens, Edward E. New York: Greenwood, A collection of separately authored profiles of of the most important American magazines that print a significant amount of literature including criticism or are otherwise important in literary history.

The essays, organized by periodical title, typically discuss publishing history, audience, and significant literary content, and conclude with a list of studies, indexes, reprints, and a few locations, as well as details of publishing history including title changes, numbering and dating of volumes and issues, frequency, publishers, and editors.

Each volume concludes with an annotated list of minor literary magazines and in the earlier volume nonliterary ones that have literary content and with a chronology of American literary magazines and literary and social events; the later volume also prints a valuable overview, by Willard Fox, of little-magazine collections in the United States and Canada. Indexed by persons, magazine titles, and subjects.

Although the essays vary in quality, American Literary Magazines is a useful compendium of information on the publishing history and contents of a small group of significant literary magazines. Although many clipping files and unpublished indexes exist for local and regional newspapers, there is no trustworthy guide to these important sources.

Metuchen: Scarecrow, —82 , is incomplete, poorly organized, inadequately indexed, and full of errors, researchers attempting to locate a clipping file or an unpublished index cannot depend on the work as a guide. Instead, they will usually have to contact the newspaper office and area libraries and historical societies. For other indexes, bibliographies, and union lists of newspapers, see the chapter on guides to newspapers in Prucha, Handbook for Research in American History Qa.

For a convenient guide to online indexes, archives, and morgues see U.

Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)
Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)
Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)
Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)
Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)
Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature) Dorothy Parker: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in American Literature)

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