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Our rational minds have complete power over our opinions and the mind only experiences suffering when it itself creates a desire for a specific outcome in life. Realize this, and you will find strength. Marcus teaches that our mind is a thing that controls itself completely and is separated from the world; it cannot be affected by events unless it makes itself be affected.


Every appearance is the result of what the mind wills it to appear to be and the mind makes itself exactly what it is. Since this is so, there is no reason we should not agree with nature, since nature has provided us with the means to rationally accept the course of events no matter where they take us. Be one.

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way. Let that determine what you do and say and think. Bill Clinton reportedly reads it once a year, and one can imagine him handing a copy to Hillary after her heart-wrenching loss in the US presidential election.

It is not outside, but within, and when all is lost, it stands fast. Chinese leader Wen Jiabao has re-read the book on countless occasions. The best Meditations translation is by Gregory Hays. Sign up for our free 7-day course on Stoicism to see our interview with Professor Hays. It is highly recommended you first read the Hays translation.

The best free translation, is by George Long. It can be found here.

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It was a form of memento mori — an ancient practice of meditating on your mortality. We created this memento mori coin to act as a reminder to not obsess over trivialities, or trying to become famous, make more money than we could ever spend, or make plans far off in the future. All these are negated by death.

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Click here to learn more and purchase your own memento mori medallion. Includes an introduction to Stoicism, best books to start with, Stoic exercises and much more! Check out all the bonuses or sign up below. Skip to content Meditations is perhaps the only document of its kind ever made. The Evil That Men Do Harms You Only if You Do Evil in Response Marcus reminded himself to not be upset by the misdeeds of others and to correct them if possible, but if they were stubborn and would not change, to accept it.

Mind your business. Fame and Desires are Not Worth Pursuing Marcus repeatedly explains why the pursuit of fame and praise is foolish and why we especially should not care about what others think of us after we die. Problems are Created in the Mind Being superior to pain and pleasure allows us to fully accept the course of nature and focus on being virtuous.

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Your Rational Mind is Your Greatest Asset Marcus knew that our ability to reason is what sets us apart from the animals and is an important power that we must use to the fullest. Three Key Takeaway Lessons from Meditations The most important lesson to take away from Meditations is that our minds have great power. We can choose how we perceive events and we can always choose to be virtuous. If we practice, we can instantly erase any bad impressions from our mind.

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We are completely in control of our thoughts and actions. We can choose to be good even when we are surrounded by wrong. When another harms us, we can react with kindness, advising them of their errors if possible but being okay with it if they ignore this advice. When another angers us, we must immediately consider their point of view, remember that we have our own faults, and respond with positivity and indifference to any supposed harm done to us. The deepest lesson in Meditations relates to our mortality and the shortness of life. We shall soon be replaced, and we ought not waste our lives being distressed.

We should focus on doing good for the others with the unknowable amount of time we have left to live. To make this a part of our lives we must reflect regularly on the fact that we will die. This can result in some of the deepest understandings available to humans, therefore death should be confronted no matter how unpleasant it may be to think about. We should reflect on all the people that have come before us, what is left of them now, and what will later be left of us.

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Stop being jerked like a puppet. Limit yourself to the present. Get It. Get Your Free. Daily Stoic. Starter Pack. Give Me My Freebies. Email Archives. Because they increase your engagement with the material, they rock. The more you have a go at the information, and try to understand it, the better.

However, to become a part of our cataloged notes, we need to systematize our marginalia. A time-consuming habit. This looks something like this:. The goal behind doing this is to digest what you are learning and make it your own — make associations, draw connections, play with it, hold it in your mind.

Doing this takes time and processing and writing and thinking. It takes time to make mistakes and recognize them, to make false starts and correct them, to process and evaluate complex information. For me, some thinking sessions for working out marginalia have lasted hours and resulted in pages of golden connections.

These breakthrough moments have me living on a cloud for days. This time, the source is Ralph Waldo Emerson, who advised to. I often get small but compounding flashes of insight. This was a long part, so let me summarize. To maximize learning ROI, we need to maximize our engagement with and reflection on the material. Reviewing and repeating will be covered in the next section. This segment focused on maximizing engagement. We saw that your reading goal matters a lot, but that no matter what your learning goal is, as long as you have one, you should avoid passive reading.


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The draw- and color elements both provide bites of fun and engage both your hemispheres for maximal processing. Use the QEC method while reading, upgrade your marginalia to make new connections instead of vaguely noting their possible presence, and put your unconscious to work for some low-effort good ideas every morning.

Note that both the QEC and the upgraded marginalia are time-consuming and high-mental effort. On to the next question: how to remember all this shit and avoid the decay of your carefully built mental models? We need to self-hack ourselves into doing so and design a system for it. While there are hundreds of systems on the internet, you need to take one of them and adapt it until you have your own system. Some, like Ryan Holiday , prefer to record notes on index cards or in a commonplace book; others prefer a digital system.

There are endless ways of organizing your notes — by book, by author, by topic, by the reading date. So, whatever method you end up settling for, make sure there is a method behind it and that you can logically determine where the note is. Be airtight in implementing and adhering to machinery for this purpose. Where did I put it? This makes the most sense to my brain. Nonetheless, as many debates in the Evernote community emphasize , this seems to be a matter of personal preference.

EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)
EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)
EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)
EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)
EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)
EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2) EXPERIENCES & LESSONS (Down but not Out Book 2)

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