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I really appreciate it and recommend everybody to try a new approach to their professional career in IT. Mentorship is a cool stuff that is unfortunately not practiced at school, although it could be quite useful for young specialists in fast-growing IT field. I was lucky to get into the IT mentoring program hosted on grow. Together with my mentor we created a detailed learning plan with home tasks and a lot of useful materials. Using grow. My mentor helped me with the areas where my interest lies.

Grow yourself Grow others. Grow yourself and help others to grow with us Grow is a platform for self-education and mentorship full of powerful collection of tools built to reach IT career goals. Look what we suggest you! Skill matrices Set up your career target and we will show you what skills you need to achieve it.

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Set of materials We will provide you with a set of materials needed according to your target position. Mentoring You have an opportunity to set up a well-organized learning process with your mentor. Progress tracking With us you can track your progress and see how effectively you grow. How to GROW yourself?


Krystsina Svirydzenka Junior Software Engineer. Software Engineer. How GROW has helped others? Aliaksandr Ihnashevich Software Engineer. Viktoryia Takarskaya Software Engineer. You can start with one of the action items below and add more of them to your repertoire as you go. Confidence-building is a lifetime project, but every step you take will pay off!

Aims of the Project

Consciously begin to spend more time with mojo-boosting people and limiting your time with people you feel obligated to hang out with but don't really enjoy. Mojo-depleting people around you could include your oldest friend, your sister, your mom or anyone. Growing your confidence is related to setting boundaries. An easy way to step out of your comfort zone and boost your confidence in new situations is to vary your routine. If you drive to work, choose a different route to drive home every day.

Explore a different part of town. Try different foods in your diet. Vary your clothing choices.

Why is self belief important?

Try a different hairstyle. Change your reading material. Change is the greatest confidence-booster there is because every time you experience something new, you realize that stepping out of your routine isn't that scary after all. Along with changing your routine, consciously choose new experiences to seek out and conquer.

Pay particular attention to things you already know or believe you hate. If you think you hate something but you've never tried it trying a certain type of food, going on a group hike, exercising, etc. The tape says "Stay away from this experience — it's scary!

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Every time you try something you thought you would be terrible at or you'd hate, your muscles grow. Get a journal and write in it as often as you can — every day or every other day. Write about your plan to boost your confidence and the new things you're trying. Write about experiences and conversations you have during the day, and how each one made you feel.

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Pay close attention to your feelings as well as your body's reaction to everything around you. If you have to shut down your personality to get through the day at work, you may not have noticed which things, people and situations stress you out and which ones grow your flame. That's what you want to focus on now! In your journal, write a list of questions you'd like to answer for yourself.


Here's a sample list to get you started:. Start researching companies, job descriptions and pay levels. Browse the LinkedIn profiles of total strangers to see what they do in their jobs, and how they talk about their career histories in their LinkedIn profile summary. When new acquaintances ask you "What do you do? The more people you meet and get-to-know-you conversations you have, the more your confidence will grow! Now that you know which people in your life lift you up and which people suck your precious mojo away, you have a better sense of the positive and negative energy your friends and family members radiate.

Acknowledge yourself for taking steps toward personal growth. Growing your muscles and mojo is the very best investment you can make, at any age and any stage of your career.

Grow Your Self Grow Your Self
Grow Your Self Grow Your Self
Grow Your Self Grow Your Self
Grow Your Self Grow Your Self
Grow Your Self Grow Your Self
Grow Your Self Grow Your Self

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