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Back in , DDoS attacks were the next big thing, hitting online betting shops and mission-critical military systems alike. The Lighthouse Project research led directly to the discovery of highly scalable, service provider-class solutions that enabled the rapid detection, backtracking and mitigation of these attacks. First demonstrated in the summer of , the anomaly detection system showed how the gap between spotting the start of a DDoS attack and resolving it could be successfully closed.

Privacy, anonymity and government agencies aren't natural bedfellows, but bear with us. Those who care about online privacy will probably have heard of the Tor privacy service, which, when used in conjunction with the Tor private browser, offers possibly the most anonymous method of being on the internet.

So, what is an onion network? It involves adding a layer of encryption for each router node along the path that your data travels, each encryption layer being peeled back one at a time by routers along the way. Each router unpeels a single layer to get instructions on where to send the data packets next, but can't see where the data packets have come from.

None of these nodes knows the origin of those packets, nor the ultimate destination, nor does it have access to the contents of your data transfer.

15 Inventions That Will Make Your a Lot More Interesting

It would be remiss to complete a military research retrospective without covering a battlefield technology. Enter the stealth fighter. Actually, stealth fighters, plural, as DARPA has funded and developed a whole range of these all-but-invisible aircraft.

From this technology, DARPA developed the Falcon HTV-2 unmanned glider with an objective of being able to deliver a bomb payload to any target, anywhere on the planet, in less than an hour. To meet this objective the aircraft has to be capable of amazing speeds, and the Falcon HTV-2 can fly at 20 times the speed of sound, or 14, miles per hour. Unfortunately, while trying to set a new world record for flight during testing last year, DARPA lost the aircraft when it crashed into the ocean.

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Created more than a thousand years ago, they've affected warfare -- and society in general -- in ways almost no other weapon can match. So, who was the inventor? Like so many other modern conveniences that we take for granted, the history of the elevator is more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Believe it or not, there's some controversy over who invented this commonplace contraption. Barrels and Barrels of Aged Beer. Toilets: The Past and Future of the Flush. Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla Quiz. How Nikola Tesla Worked.

Turning Air Pollution Into Ink. Is 'Young Blood' the Fountain of Youth? Learn More. How the Hybrid Sports Bicycle Works The Hybrid Sports Bike, still in its prototype stage, is a three-in-one: a pedal-powered bicycle souped-up with both a gas engine and an electric motor. How to Think of an Invention You're sure you have it in you to think of an invention, but you're not sure how to do it. By HowStuffWorks. Who invented the sandwich? When was the first battery invented? By Patrick J. Who invented the Internet?

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Who Invented the Computer? Who invented the cell phone? Top 10 Industrial Revolution Inventions During the Industrial Revolution, both innovation and the capabilities of large factories combined to thrust people from a predominantly agricultural existence into a more urban lifestyle.

New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶29

Who invented Google? Who invented the radio? Who invented the refrigerator? Top 5 Inventions for Kids Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers -- sure, their inventions changed the world, but they didn't tend to think up much for the kids. Oct Composed of organic fish waste, the MarinaTex bioplastic offers a sturdy and degradable alternative to standard plastics.

Oct The travel-sized Dory underwater drone from Chasing-Innovation is both affordable and portable, making it easy to explore the world beneath the seas. Oct A suction cup inspired by the clingfish can flex to attach to rough and slimy surfaces with a powerful force. Oct The quiet and efficient Disc Pump from TTP Ventus could drastically improve the comfort of patients using hour blood pressure monitors.

Oct An eco-friendly gel offers an innovative way to reduce forest fires by coating vegetation in a non-toxic, fire retardant. Oct A microneedle patch able to monitor antibiotic levels in real-time offers a useful tool when treating patients with bacterial infections. Sep The innovative Remedy medical tattoos offer medical students a detailed image of the human body beneath the skin.


Sep A new wax and starch coating offers an eco-friendly recipe to make textiles both waterproof and breathable. Sep A small sensor able to detect methane in tainted alcohol or breath could help prevent dangerous and potentially fatal poisonings. Sep A new smart filter built by university students captures the microfibers from washing machine wastewater and safely breaks down plastics.

Sep The FoodTracker AI-powered app can identify the nutrient content in foods instantly from a smartphone image. Sep An affordable soil sensor could be of particular use in remote and impoverished areas to help reduce irrigation water waste. Sep An implantable spinal nerve stimulator could speed the recovery of paralyzed body parts. Sep A new nanotechnology could help track the effects of chemotherapy in the body to determine the safest effective dose. Sep The Echelon Circular powered stapler from Ethicon features uniquely shaped staples and gripping technology that reduce damage to the tissues being attached.

Inventions A-Z

Sep An innovative new battery design relies on a nanochain structure and an advanced electrode material to increase both performance and safety. Sep A flexible new battery able to bend without loss of conductivity could help power the new generation of electronic wearables. Log In Register. You can unsubscribe at any time. Swimn S1 Powered Kickboard Nov The Swimn S1 powered kickboard from ePropulsion propels swimmers with a unique thrust that offers a more efficient and user-friendly ride. Leave a comment.

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  • Prototype Device Redirects Sound Nov A prototype device able to redirect sound could thwart eavesdroppers or magnify particular sounds. Radar Sensor Detects Unattended Children in Cars Nov A radar sensor able to detect children or pets left behind in a vehicle could help save lives.

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    Injectable Electrodes Improve Nerve-Stimulation Therapy Nov Soft, injectable electrodes could offer a more comfortable alternative to the rigid nerve-stimulating implants used to treat epilepsy and pain. Neeuro Brain-Training Game Improves Focus Nov A video game and neuromonitoring system designed to help children with ADHD learn to focus could improve their symptoms without the need for medication. Soft-Bodied UrchinBot is Powered by Pneumatics Nov Inspired by the locomotion of juvenile urchins, the odd-looking UrchinBot could be used for underwater exploration and ocean cleanup.

    Shine Bathroom Assistant Cleans without Chemicals Nov The Shine Bathroom Assistant automates both toilet cleaning and maintenance to keep toilets fresh without chemicals. Hexacopter Drone Tests Skyscraper Safety Nov An autonomous hexacopter drone able to test the integrity of glass-clad skyscrapers could replace the need for humans to conduct the risky inspections. MIT Growing Robot Nov An innovative robot that grows like a plant can make its way through confined areas to grasp and lift a heavy load.

    EduSense Tracks Professor Performance Nov The EduSense system analyzes college instructor performance by tracking the body language of the students. Chameleon Tongue Inspires Fast-Acting Soft Robots Nov The impressive elastic tongue of the chameleon has inspired a new class of high-speed soft robots and actuators.

    Unsinkable Hydrophobic Structures Nov Ants and spiders have inspired an unsinkable, hydrophobic metal that could have applications in ships and ocean monitoring devices.


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