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Unmasking the Ego , In the beginning, the Mother Light existed only as a concept — a state of pure consciousness — and there was not yet any manifest, or expressed, light. As the first act of manifest creation, the Creator projected itself outward in the form of the Mother Light. By using the Mother Light, the Creator created a sphere that was set apart from the void. In the void is nothingness as opposed to Allness , and the Creator now created a sphere in the center of the void.

This sphere had a certain intensity of light, setting it apart from the nothingness of the void yet still being far away from the intensity of light found in the Allness. As the next act of creation, the Creator created certain structures in the first sphere. These structures were quite different from what you find in the material universe, but the main point is that they provided a platform for life, for intelligent, self-conscious beings.

Thus, the Creator now projected itself into the first sphere in the form of such self-conscious beings. Yet they were created as separate beings with a separate sense of identity.

They did not have the full self-awareness of the Creator, and their self-awareness was focused upon their separate beings. They did not have an awareness of the Allness, and they were focused on the sphere in which they came into being. They did not have a direct awareness of themselves as being extensions of the Creator.

However, they did have a direct connection to the Creator in the sense that the Creator served as a teacher or tutor for them. They were given the ability to command the Mother Light through the power of their minds, and they were given a certain amount of light that was theirs to command as a start. By using their creative faculties, they could create more structures in the sphere, thus gradually filling it to greater intensity and complexity.

By multiplying their talents Matthew , they would receive more light, which would increase their creative powers and also increase the intensity of the light in their own beings. As they used that light and projected it around themselves, they would increase the intensity of the light in their sphere, so that it was further set apart from the nothingness of the void and came closer to the Allness. In doing so, these lifestreams would grow in self-awareness.

They would first realize that their teacher was the Creator. They would then accept themselves as individualizations of God the Father, as extensions of the Creator. They would realize that they were living in the cosmic womb of God the Mother.

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As the Father and Mother elements came into oneness within their beings, a new self-awareness was born, and they attained a sense of oneness with their Creator without losing their individual awareness. As this oneness became complete, they could eventually make a choice to enter the Allness or they could become creators of their own worlds of form. After the first sphere had reached a certain intensity of light, the Creator called the self-conscious beings who had mastered the lessons presented by the first sphere — let us call them masters — to participate with it in creating a second sphere.

The Creator then projected the Mother Light out from the first sphere to create a second sphere that was set apart from the void. The masters of the first sphere then created certain inanimate structures in this sphere in order to provide a platform for intelligent life.

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You can now see the pattern. When the second sphere had reached a critical intensity of light, it too was used as the platform for creating the next sphere. The material universe in which you live is the latest stage of this process. It is still relatively young, which is why there appears to be empty space or darkness left. So far, only relatively few beings in this world have become self-luminous and have ascended to the higher realms. The Mother Light that makes up the material universe still vibrates at such low frequencies and has such low intensity that it is possible to create the illusion that there is nothing beyond the material universe.

Yet your world is nevertheless the extension of a series of concentric, interpenetrating and coexisting spheres that started with the singularity of the Creator. Without him was not anything made that was made. In the Allness, everything is made from one mind, from one consciousness. In the Allness everything is consciousness, meaning that everything is conscious.

Leave the eternal struggle and find freedom in the Eternal NOW

There are individual Presences in the Allness, and they focus on a particular quality. However, such individual Presences do not see themselves as separated from the Allness or from each other. They are fully aware that they are extensions of the Allness and that they are part of the same whole. Thus, they are all one in the Allness. Likewise, they do not see themselves as extensions of a remote God. In the Allness everything is God and everything is self-aware, meaning that everything is aware of itself as God.

In the created realm in which you live, the world of form, it is possible to create something that is not self-aware. As I said, everything is created out of the consciousness of the Creator, meaning that everything has a form of consciousness. That is why Jesus said that if men should refuse to defend the Christ, the stones would cry out Luke Everything is created from the Mother Light, so everything has — or is — consciousness. Yet it takes a certain complexity before a form can become the focus of self-awareness. In the Allness, there is nothing that is not self-aware.

In the world of form, it is possible to create inanimate forms and animate beings that do not have self-awareness. It is also possible to have self-aware beings who are not aware of their connection to anything beyond themselves, thus not aware that they are extensions of their Creator or aware of the Allness.

This makes it possible that in the world of form you can have beings who have a limited self-awareness but have the potential to expand that self-awareness until they attain oneness with the All. In other words, the entire purpose for this world of form is to give you the opportunity to experience yourself as a separate being with a narrowly focused self-awareness. When you have had enough of this experience, you can step unto a systematic path that will gradually expand your self-awareness, until you can enter the Allness with the memory of what it is like to be outside the Allness, giving you a unique appreciation for the Allness.

Naturally, it ends when the entire void has been turned into a sphere of light and when every part of that sphere has reached the intensity of light that is the Allness. In other words, what used to be separate and less than the Allness has now become the Allness.

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Yet this will not — as some religions portray — happen automatically or through some kind of inevitable process. This means that the darkness and limitations found in the world of form will not disappear completely until all self-aware beings have had their full opportunity to experience what it is like to be separate beings living in a world of — self-created — limitations. You are an extension of your Creator, yet your Creator gave you a sense of identity as a separate being. Your Creator wants you to come home by expanding your sense of self until you attain full oneness with your Creator and with all life.

Your Creator knows that coming back to Oneness is the only way for you to feel fully happy, fully whole, fully at peace. Yet your Creator wants you to do this out of a free choice that is based on love. Thus, your Creator has great — although not unlimited — patience with your choices and will allow you to experiment with limitations for a very long time if you prefer. I know these concepts are most likely far beyond your present religious beliefs and understanding.

Spiritual Freedom

I understand that it can take some time and contemplation to fully understand these ideas and integrate them. In the coming chapters, I will give you additional teachings to help you make full use of these concepts and relate them to your present situation on Earth. Yet for now I ask you to consider what these concepts can teach you about the meaning of life, the purpose of life. So many people have asked the questions about where they come from, where they are going and whether life truly has any meaning.

I hope you can now begin to at least glimpse that these questions actually have meaningful answers. As you begin to integrate these answers, you will find that an entirely new world, an entirely new world view, opens up to you. You are not a miserable sinner thrust into a hostile universe by some angry God. You are not all alone in a hostile environment where everyone is out to get you. You are not limited to who you are or what you experience right now. You are an extension of your God. You are your God experiencing itself as a separate being who is on a journey from a lower level of consciousness to the highest level of consciousness that is the Allness.

Everything you have experienced here on Earth can give you a valuable perspective on your journey, on yourself and on life. Even the most unpleasant of circumstances can be turned into an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to raise your consciousness and expand your self-awareness. Thus, you have the potential to raise yourself above any circumstances you might be experiencing.

The entire purpose of life is to rise above your present sense of self and attain a greater sense of self. No matter what circumstances you have experienced or do experience, you can never lose the ability to overcome them, to rise higher. - مستندات Google

Thus, if you do not like your present circumstances, you can unlock your inner potential to overcome them. If you do not like who you are, you can expand your sense of who you are until you transcend any limitation in the material universe. If this does not give you a different perspective on your current limitations, there can be only one reason. You have not yet had enough of experiencing these circumstances, and thus you have not summoned the will to leave them behind. I know this can sound harsh to people who are suffering, so let us move on to consider how you can make use of your ability to transcend any limitation in the world of form.

My point is that the fact that you see yourself as a separate being makes it possible for you to use your will as if you really were a separate being.

Thus, you can convince yourself that your actions do not have consequences that affect you. You can even convince yourself that your actions do not have any negative consequences at all.

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  • Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
    Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom

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