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He adds in modern day camera feeds of demonstrators angry over police shootings. The results are a blistering indictment of race relations both old and new. Voiceovers by Samuel L. Jackson verbalize passages from Baldwin notes. You hear the author chide oppressors, confront Hollywood and challenge the American government.

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He candidly explores their differences and similarities. He reveals the absolute despair he felt each time he heard that one of them had been killed. His ruminations glow with a truth that is timeless. The musical score by Aleksey Aygi adds a piqued sense of urgency and gravitas. Medgar Evers was killed on June 12, Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, Martin Luther King Jr. James Baldwin died of stomach cancer on December 1, Together, collectively, they left behind a tremendous sociopolitical legacy that finds its due respect in this very powerful and enlightening documentary.

More than 40 acts will take place over the 3-day festival, with five stages booked for the many performances. There needs to be something shared worldwide about the works of Ted Ellis , New Orleans-born visual artist. He uses the stroke of his brush on canvas to present again the scenes, emotions, and story of the lives of the most beautiful Americans.

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He memorizes the novice who stands enthralled at his Houston studio full of emotions of connectedness to the eyes of an elderly man with African features but whose face is full of blues, greens, purples, and crimson. So much like the great grandfather on the porch or the old man sweeping away dirt outside the Alabama country store. With each piece, he makes it a point to leverage the importance of visual literacy and preservation of culture and history. And he has done so for 30 years.

A self-taught artist, Ellis has published a limited edition collection of his work, Pride, Dignity and Courage: A Survey of Art of Ted Ellis , and a collective calendar. His business, T. Ellis Art, has sold more than 10 million prints and posters from his Houston, Texas studio. Since he began in , Ellis has since become, by many accounts, an artistic historian. In he captured the Deltas th year commemoration, the Obamas in , and the Juneteenth th year commemoration in These are the pieces, he said, would be some of the first offered to the museum as they archive the most critical bends in Black life of this century.

Ellis has amassed an impressive body of work, remarkably over the years. He has also established a platform and mechanism for other artist that will give them value. Media company Punch TV Studios, known for providing a unique selection of original and creative television programming, recently announced its qualification of its stock offering from the U. Based on this law Punch TV Studios is now authorized to sell stock in the company. That was no minor feat.

The Landry Family Series: Part One by Adriana Locke (ePUB)

It was a major stand for a sitting President to take and a historical change in the way America does business. As one of the few African American CEOs of a publicly traded company, Collins has an unmatched understanding of what the urban community is looking for and a keen eye on the pulse of the people. According to its business model Punch TV Studios is projected to generate more than half a billion dollars in annual revenue by year three post IPO.

Early investors, Punch TV Studios supporters and television aficionados are able to get in on the ground floor and purchase stock directly from the company. During the annual NBA All Star Weekend celebration on February 18, , which will take place in his hometown of New Orleans, the music mogul is hosting a benefit concert and fundraiser in the city to help displaced families in Baton Rouge get back into their homes.

Since Aug. Continuing its history of mixing southern tradition with entertainment, the Belle provides a perfect location for event-goers to delight in food and live music. The play is a is a powerful retelling of the Nativity story from a Black perspective. In Baton Rouge, the New Venture Theatre w ill present this soul-stirring rendition of the Christmas Story that fills the theatre with thrilling voices, exciting dance and glorious gospel music. Directed by Greg Williams Jr.

The show runs Saturday, Dec. The show is G-rated and appropriate for all ages. The original Black Nativity was written in by poet Langston Hughes.

The cultural viewpoint and gospel music make Black Nativity a unique performance piece. Often adapted, this version of the production will take the audience from a traditional black church to an Africanized Jerusalem through dance, powerful spirituals and anthems, and toe-tapping gospel numbers.

According to New Venture, the importance of the play is that, though an expression of Christian belief via the African-American perspective, the show appeals to all walks of life. The PG performance is about a white physician attempts to oust his Black receptionist by enlisting a white female coworker as a spy. Tensions rise as relations between the two women quickly deteriorate, turning their once-cordial workplace into a battlefield of innuendo, paranoia, and passive aggression.

Greg Williams Jr. The Saturday, March 19, performances begin at 2pm and pm. On Sunday, March 20, the performance begins at 3pm. Children under the age of four will not be allowed in the theatre and all children ages must be accompanied by an adult. Parades, costumes, beads, king cake and more mark Mardi Gras, the culmination of the Carnival season.

He taught elementary school for five years before the life-changing events of Hurricane Katrina spurred him to pursue a new career path. But his tricky friend, Nansi wants him to get out and enjoy the island of Jamaica.

But Ziggy is afraid of Hurricanes, Mongoose and evil spirits. Their worldly adventure is enlivened by the fantastic songs of renowned Reggae artist Bob Marley. No monologues required for this production, there will be a cold reading. Tensions rise as relations between the two women quickly deteriorate, turning their once-cordial workplace into a battlefield of innuendos, paranoia, and passive aggression.

Each piece should be no longer than one minute. Ilene Van Meter Caucasian late 40s Dr. TV and Justice Central. TV early this week. TV, Recipe. TV, ES. TV, MyDestination. This stands as a major victory for Allen, a comedian turned businessman who is the sole owner of Entertainment Studios. Allen claimed in his lawsuit that Black-owned media was being shut out of distribution opportunities. Lionsgate and Proyas issued statements addressing the backlash. Lionsgate is deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of our audiences.

We have, can and will continue to do better.

#82 – Ruby (V.C. Andrews) – Confessions of a Bibliophile

I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made. Toyota and VH1 Save The Music have completed their national music festival activation and social media campaign to benefit music education.

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The campaign came to a close last weekend as Toyota presented LaPlace Elementary with a grant that will fund an entire instrumental music program for the school. This will be the first time in over a decade that the New Orleans area elementary has been able to provide music education to its students. The activation engaged with festivalgoers through a life sized Whispering Willow tree on the festival grounds. Participants were asked to write what music means to them on a leaf, hang the leaf on the tree, take a photo, and post to social media with the hashtag ToyotaGiving.

LaPlace Elementary School was selected as the grant recipient for a multitude of factors. Not only is it the largest elementary school in the Parish, servicing more than 1, students, but the school had no music education program in place. With this grant, LaPlace was able to hire a music teacher to implement an instrumental music program that will now thrive with the instruments and equipment purchased and donated by the Foundation. At a school wide assembly on Friday, Oct 30, executives from Toyota and VH1 Save The Music met with the Principal and new music teacher and previewed the new music curriculum.

Genre-defying artist Santigold treated the students to a live performance.

V. C. Andrews

All of our children deserve and need music education. Music invites innovation — and innovation changes the world. Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson has been selected as winner of the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. Welcome to Braggsville offers a socially provocative and dark comedy about four UC Berkeley students who stage a protest during a Civil War reenactment in rural Georgia. Award ceremonies take place at p. Johnson will read excerpts from his winning novel. The ceremony is free and open to the public, although reservations are requested at rsvp braf.

And we only found a few irks to complain about.

After 10 days and almost 1, miles, we came away with a healthy respect for the road worthiness of the midsize luxury sedan.


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