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About Cousins Maine Lobster

You get it in places with white table cloths and shiny silverware. Lomac: Yeah. It brings a smile to my face with the question.

You know, family kicking back, relaxing, having fun. Maine, Jim, is a character in this book.

Secrets Haunt the Lobsters’ Sea – References, Sources, Background, Book Group Questions

It started with those family times in my backyard. But the state of Maine itself is really the foundation of our business. And for so long the lobster industry, you know, they were considered, like, the cockroaches of the sea. Lobster was fed to prisoners.

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So the history of Maine and that evolution of the industry itself is a critical part of how we grew. Ryssdal: How much, Sabin, is it a competitive advantage for you guys that fundamentally your Maine insiders?

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Cousins Maine Lobster was done on purpose. Because it is fundamentally stuck in time. And I think that contributes to the mystique of this company in a little ways anyway. Tselikis: Yeah, for sure. Ryssdal: So look.

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I just happen to think lobster roll specifically is kind of meh. Ryssdal: How different is this business you guys are running today, which is in the millions of dollars, with franchisees and trucks and actual locations? Wanting to get back to Maine, the lobster tour in Maine, that resonates with a lot of our customers and ourselves. But for Marketplace to continue to grow, we need additional investment from those who care most about what we do: superfans like you. When you contribute directly to Marketplace , you become a partner in that mission: someone who understands that when we all get smarter, everybody wins.

Skip to content. The Big Book. Kai Ryssdal and Maria Hollenhorst Apr 18, Listen Now. Share Now on:. Cousins Maine Lobster has 20 trucks as part of its franchise. This one is in California. Jim Tselikis: It is. Ryssdal: How come? Ryssdal: Can we talk about lobster roll for a minute?

A Maine Lobsterman by E.B. White, 1954

Lomac: Oh, yeah. Lomac: What?! Ryssdal: I just have to say that.

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I know. Ryssdal: Well, sell me man, sell me! Tselikis: Kai, do you like steamed lobster? As a result, there are 3 million lobster traps on the bottom of the Gulf of Maine, while Frank, Jason, and others call for a reduction of traps.

The Maine Lobster Book (Hardcover)

The Maine lobstering towns are among the first American communities to confront global warming, and the survival of the Maine Coast depends upon their efforts. It may be an uphill battle to create a sustainable catch as high temperatures are already displacing lobsters northward toward Canadian waters—out of reach of American fishermen. The last lobster may be just ahead.

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The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book
The Maine Lobster Book The Maine Lobster Book

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