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Types of Journaling

Plain : On the other hand, some people see ruled paper as too restrictive. It makes it easier to work out spacing, which is important in art and design. Here are the notebooks I recommend for journaling. Moleskine generally makes well-crafted and durable notebooks. They come in different types and serve all needs.

For those who like to paint or use markers, the page weight may be a concern, so perhaps a Leuchtturm will be better. Many people swear by Leuchtturm. Their journals are well tailored and come in a variety of colours.

Journal Ultimate Guide: 8 simple rules to write like a pro

They tend to be wider than their Moleskine rivals and the page weight is greater. That really is a minor thing. I recommend this sketchbook to anyone who plans on carrying their journal around with them regularly as it will be able to handle all the knocks and slams that come with the outdoor lifestyle. I like having pens of all colours and types so I can alternate them based on what I feel like.

I also have markers for highlighting or decorating. These pens are perfect for everyday use.

I recommend something with a good grip and something that supports an ink refill converter. Something like the Jinhao is perfect for journaling. Sharpie Markers. Markers make great headings, and its hard to find markers that are better presented than Sharpies. These final tips will simply be a few segments I have in my own journals. These are some of my common journal segments, along with the book notes I mentioned earlier. Types of Journaling Journaling can literally be whatever you want it to be. Dream journals Have you ever woken up from a dream that feels significant?

Thoughts journal This is perhaps the most common type of journal. Gratitude journal This type of journal is about reflecting on things you are grateful for. Reflection: Determine where, when and how long you will journal each day Connection: Ways to grow closer to your travel mates, yourself and the local culture Adventure: What can you do to get the adrenaline pumping? Anything from a nearby hike to skydiving! Daily Quote Everyone loves a good inspirational quote, right?! Add your favorites to your journal before you leave to keep the wanderlust strong.

Keep it simple with a few questions in the morning and evening to align you with your trip intentions from your pre-trip journaling and get the most discovery and meaning out of your days. With a wonderful trip behind you , now you can take a big-picture view of what you learned, archive meaningful memories and think about how you can bring positive change to your life at home.

You might want to give yourself a little time after the trip to let your thoughts marinate, but not too long that you start to forget how you felt on your trip. A couple days to a week—tops. What did you love most about the trip? What was the most challenging and how did you react?

Do you wish you reacted differently? Did you get what you wanted to get out of the trip? What would you do differently next time? What did you learn about yourself?

The Ultimate Guide to Journaling - Hannah Braime - Google книги

What did you learn about others? Maybe you want to go beyond the basics and turn this journal into something more. These travel journal ideas will help you stay happy, healthy and inspired during and after your travels. Scroll down to download your FREE travel journal prompts for self-discovery and meaningful memories now.

Recommended Journals

Katie is a traveler, writer and founder of The Reset Ritual, a brand dedicated to helping curious and conscious explorers on a quest for enriching escapes, meaningful travel and a life well explored. Thank you for sharing.

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I so appreciate your generosity. I travel a lot. I like to travel journal but was never very good at it until I discovered the MIdori travel journal method and how perfectly your prompts, insights and beautiful ideas align with that method. It will make all the difference. Even though stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, mental health is something you should never minimize or push aside. A bullet journal can be actually very helpful in managing your mental health issues. Even when the bullet journal is used to organize your life better, this, in turn, starts to reduce your stress because you are far less worried about forgetting something.

Bullet journaling is going to help you become more organized in nearly every facet of your life. Perhaps you run a busy household, with each kid participating in a different sport or activity. You need to keep track of sports practice, camp, school. It is easy to know mostly what to include and how it works, but it can also be a little intimidating. And perfection is overrated, no need to keep it perfect by any means! As you start getting more ideas, switch it up and work on your pages a little more.

There is definitely a learning curve when you are starting a journal. But then you will eventually discover ways to improve upon it. But of course, you might want to add some additional steps when you begin thinking more about your journal. An obvious place to start with bullet journaling is of course to choose your journal and writing utensils.

A simplified bullet journal starter set includes a notebook and a pen — just that! The journal can be anything you want to use, but preferably one that is large A5 size and thicker. Some people love using hardcover journals , but keep in mind you are using it often and being able to open the cover and really make use of the entire page is recommended. I suggest you get a good collection of pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils , and anything else you like to write with.

You can also upgrade your writing utensils later on. This is also a good idea to get other supplies like sticky notes, labels, and stickers for the different pages. Read this post to find out our favorite Bullet Journal Supplies! A bullet journal is not like a traditional journal where you just start writing on page 1 and just write in it regularly. It is very organized with multiple sections. Grab a piece of paper and note down all the sections, spreads and logs that you want to include. Here is my ultimate guide of Bullet Journal Collections!! Now that you know what sections you want to include, create an index to add the collections there.

Step Two: Knowing The Right Time To Begin

You can add to the index as you go developing your bullet journal later on too. The index is going to take up the first two pages in your bullet journal so leave them free when adding your collections. When putting the journal together, space out the sections so that you have a good number of pages for each. Then choose where they will be located and write down the page number.

Once all of this is done, you can then use the information to create your index.

The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Ultimate Guide to Journaling

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